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About Us
Since 1995, Lone Pine Outfitting has been
guiding hunters to "The Big Ones".

Offering top quality hunts, at affordable & competitive rates has been a standard practice for owner Jason Martyn since day one.

"We provide all of our hunters with the best possible guides, consistent shot opportunity, and warmest hospitality you'd find anywhere. We want our hunters to know that they'll be getting their money's worth when they book with us."

Set along the Eastern Slopes and Foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains, and within "throwing distance" of the Continental Divide. Lone Pine Outfitting locates it's camps in what some have called "the most beautiful and abundant" hunting regions in North America. Strict logging regulations and land use management have kept these regions clean and "untouched by human hands", contributing greatly to some of the highest herd populations and best shot opportunity.
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