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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Mover

If you want your moving experience to be less stressful and you will be able to enjoy doing it, make sure that you hire professional movers so that they can assist you and your family in this process. If you are still not convinced about hiring a professional mover then read all of the reasons that we are about to give you so that you can realize that it is really beneficial to hire one. No stress It cannot be denied that when you move in to...

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Things that Should be Considered Before Hiring a Professional Mover

If you are very eager to transfer in your new home and you have got a lot of things that you should transfer, then a professional mover is for you. Even if they are very trustworthy according to a lot of people, there are many companies that you should still check for many concerns. You do not want this to add up to your concerns, we are sure that you are hiring them because you want your stress levels to be lessened. So, it would not be worth...

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How to Prepare for Moving

We know that there is much excitement when you are transferring into a new home but it is not only happiness but it also comes with stress and other things that you might be worried about. You have to pack all the things that you have, bring them to your new place and position them again. For this, you need a professional in moving so that they can carry all the heavy things for you and keep you from getting stressed. They may also unpack and...

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    • U.S. City Guide by Atlas Van Lines June 28, 2017
                      Are you moving your family to experience something new? Are you being relocated by your employer? Are you moving your own company? Whatever the reason, there’s so much involved when you are planning a residential or office relocation! Whether you are using Ace Relocation Systems to handle […]
    • Ace Helps Stamp Out Hunger May 23, 2017
      In partnership with Move For Hunger, the Ace San Diego and Los Angeles branches participated in the Stamp Out Hunger food drive organized by the National Association of Letter Carriers.  Our offices helped transport almost 50,000 pounds of food from the local post offices to the food banks in those areas. We are proud to […]
    • What is Movr™ ? August 1, 2016
      Atlas Van Lines is proud to announce the latest and most convenient app for any move.  movr™ allows you to bring the best services to you. This easy to use tool, allows you to customize what you need and want to track for your move.  From a budget utility to learning about your new community, movr™ […]
    • Moving Apps to Help Move You July 25, 2016
      We all know that moving is no easy task.  Fortunately, relocating doesn’t have to be quite as hard as it once was.  Modern technology is gradually paving your way to a stress-free move.  The moving apps that are available on our devices are one of the most useful forms of technology available during a relocation.  We’ve […]
    • Worst Moves in History July 19, 2016
      One of the best ways to make yourself feel better after a rough day is to remember that it could always be worse.  One of the best ways to remind yourself of how much worse it could be is to think of someone with worse luck than you.  When it comes to moving, this part […]
    • Picking The Right Golf Course After a Move July 18, 2016
      Picking the Right Golf Course If you’re an experienced golfer, you probably have a favorite golf course where you like to pass your free time practicing your chipping or working on your long drive.  You’re probably very comfortable with this course and it may even feel like a second home to you.  However, golfers know […]
    • Movies About Moving July 18, 2016
      15 Movies About Moving and the Relocation Process Money Pit (1986)- Tom Hanks stars in this hilarious comedy that serves as a stern warning about the consequences of not investigating a new home before buying it. This movie gives a good example of the misfortunes awaiting anyone who makes a speedy move without the aid of […]
    • Learning from the Founders: Moving Tips Gained from Jamestown June 24, 2016
      Learning from the Jamestown Movers One of the first corporate international relocations took place four hundred years ago when the first English settlers left their homes in the British Isles to set up new ones in North America.  One could easily call these courageous men and women, the “ultimate movers.”  While no one can deny […]
    • Moving Tips Gleaned from Homer’s “The Odyssey” June 16, 2016
      If you have ever had to relocate yourself for any reason, be it work, health or simply pleasure, you are well aware of the obstacles standing between you and your new home.  No matter which road you and your belongings take on your journey to your new location, you will find that it  could be […]
    • Moving in the Summer Peak Season June 6, 2016
      Moving in Summer Peak Season When preparing to move you’ll run into the big question, “When’s the best time to move?” Many families choose to move in the summer. It’s a great idea because the kids are out of school, it normally doesn’t rain, and there are a lot of houses on sale. All the pros […]